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The Family Hairloom, Inc. has been offering tanning services to our customers since 1995.  In the last fifteen years, we have helped thousands of customers reach their tanning goals whether for a wedding, prom, vacation or simply just to look and feel good.  We are a local, family owned business that takes pride in our customer service and knowing you by name as well as providing you with a clean and comfortable environment.  We are committed to superior equipment maintenance and upkeep and unlike many salons, you won't tan in machines that have any burned out bulbs.  We change all of our tanning bulbs on a regular schedule based on hours of use and not a guess.  We only use Wolff® Tanning Lamps and we also responsibly recycle all of our used fluorescent lamps.  Our staff have all been certified by the International Smart Tan Network and tan themselves.  We also try all of the products we sell so we can give you informed information about the tanning units or any lotion you might be interested in.

Why Tan at The Family Hairloom

Advantages to Indoor Tanning

  1. 1.  Convenience: Tanning indoors is available year around.

  2. 2.  Speed:  Indoor tanning only takes minutes compared to hours outdoors.

  3. 3. Climate Controlled: Unlike outdoor tanning, The Family Hairloom is climate controlled. Cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months so you will always be comfortable 

  4. 4. Service:  We monitor your progress to help you reach your tanning goals with the least risk of overexposure.

Sun-Capsule VHR - Surround yourself in the warmth of our sun-capsule vertical tanning units.  Utilizing 9900 watts of power, the sun-capsule has 48 bulbs for a complete 360 degree tan in a maximum time of 12 minutes.  An excellent choice for those on the go and our most popular tanning unit.



Sonenbraun Tanning Beds - available in standard or with an additional high pressure facial lamp, our lay down beds offer a maximum tanning time of 20 minutes for the perfect get away.  Utilizing 4800 watts of power using 30 lamps, our beds are your beach without the flight.

Sonnenbraun Beds                          Sun Capsule VHR
Single Sessions:                   $8.00       Single Sessions:                    $10.00
3 Sessions:                     $22.50       3 Sessions:                       $28.50
6 Sessions:                     $44.00       6 Sessions:                       $56.00
9 Sessions:                     $64.00       9 Sessions:                       $82.00
12 Sessions:                    $84.00       12 Sessions:                    $108.00
18 Sessions:                  $120.00       18 Sessions:                    $156.00
24 Sessions:                 $150.00      24 Sessions:                    $198.00
All prices include applicable sales taxes
HOURSMonday:        9:00am - 7:30pmTuesday:       9:00am - 7:30pmWednesday:  9:00am - 7:30pmThursday:     9:00am - 7:30pmFriday:            9:00am - 7:30pmSaturday:      9:00am - 3:00pmSunday:       10:00am - 2:00pm802-476-8222

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Other Information

  1. 1.  Gift Certificates Available: Available in any denomination for tanning sessions or products.

  2. 2. Products Available: Many products available for purchase. We’ll even ship your favorite products to you in the lower 48 states.

  3. 3. Walk-ins Welcome: We encourage you to make an appointment but if you just stop in we’ll get you in as soon as possible.

  4. 4. Our Staff are Certified Experts:  We can answer your questions with confidence and experience you can trust.

Tanning Staff
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